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“ I didn’t expect this to be as nice as it is, but I was very pleasantly surprised! We’re actually in love with this machine, Let me tell you, this one closing in at $65 ~ works wonders! Rest assured, it’s the first automatic feeder and will probably be the only one for a very long time!“

Michelle K.

“Overall, the design is really nice (maybe a little futuristic/robotic looking but not unattractive at all), it was easy to set up and for the amount of money I spent, I’m very happy with everything it does. I give our kitty every feeding by this feeder, pretty simple,i love it!”


“If you are looking for a great automated feeder with decent features, you will love this little guy.The software is excellent. With up to 6 feeding cycles it offers great flexibility in WHEN the critters get fed. it’s works like a charm. Worth the purchase for sure.”

Michele L. Borgen